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  • Topdol Cash on Delivery

    Tramadol for dogs is beneficial but pet owners are worried that can dogs get addicted to Tramadol (Topdol Cash on Delivery). As a pet owner, there is no requirement to get frustrated or worried about dogs getting addicted to it. After the FDA accusation, it was researched confirmed that the probabilities of dogs getting addicted have been reduced to a minimum. Dogs are active animals that are loved by people and live as their pet. These animals are cute that you want to love and care for them.

    You also love to see wiggling tails and playing around. Due to some specific reasons, they can feel pain. They tolerate pain but they cannot wiggle or play around and you cannot depict in such a state and try your best to relieve pain. You can give your dog pain reliever as it can soothe and aids in reducing the pain to make your dog active and playful. There are many analgesics, hence be careful of the tablet you give your dog. 

    Tramadol for pets

    It is an analgesic and it helps to reduce the pain. It is a non-tranquilizer with a mild sedation and reduces the pain. Doctors recommend Tramadol for pain-relieving

    Can Dogs Take Tramadol?

    It is an effective pain reliever and yes, dogs can take this medicine to reduce pain and make your dog feel more comfortable. It is an effective drug that gives your pet dog relief from pain after taking this medicine.

    Tramadol Dosage for Dogs

    You must always confirm the dosage with the vet. But for your help, it is the dose that your dog must take, 5 mg per pound of the dog’s weight. For bigger dogs, the tramadol dosage may be 8 mg per pound of weight. The drug can be given to dogs in every 8 to 12 hours as 1-5 mg per kilogram of dog’s weight. For example, if your dog weighs 20 kilograms, then he can take around 20-100 mg of medicine.

    Is It Safe For Dogs To Take Tramadol?

    It is quite safe for your pet dog. The dose of this drug must be consulted with your vet doctor. It must not be given in larger amounts to diseased dogs, until the dog shows any negative sign, then you can give this drug as it will only help him. Your dog will feel more relieved after taking them. 

    Alternatives to Tramadol

    It is an amazing, affecting drug but if your dogs can’t ingest it; you can give them some safe drugs such as Ultram, Ralvia, Dromodol and Flexpet. These are effective medicines that help your dog to get relaxed.

    Tramadol benefits For Dogs

    It is a non-narcotic drug and has many benefits for your dog:

    • It reduces the pain caused by bee stings.
    • Arthritis
    • Relieves anxiety
    • Pain during cancer
    • Pain caused by severe injuries
    • Relieves cough seizures
    • Pain in joints
    • Diminishes depression
    • Pain related to teeth and mouth
    • It also aids dogs to reduce anxiety as it has many benefits for your dog.

    Side Effects of Tramadol

    It is an awesome drug and benefits your pet dog but also has some side effects. Some of these are common but some are severe. They are Stomach problems, too much sleeping, Constipation, Vision haziness, Abnormal Breathing rate, Lethargy, Seizures, Decelerate heartbeats and Bruises on skin


    It is an analgesic and helps pet dog a lot. It effectively eases the pain but has many side effects before giving to your pooch. Hence, you must discuss it with your vet. He will give you beneficial advice when and how to use Tramadol for your pets and pet dog. It is often given to old dogs for reducing joint pain and must not be given to pregnant and nursing dogs.

  • Tramadol Cash on delivery

    One of the first things that one wants when one has got injured or has got operated is relief from the agonizing pain (Order Tramadol Cash on Delivery). Doctors will prescribe analgesics for pain relief. One important pain relief medicine is Tramadol. Most of the analgesics are given for recent pains but what about chronic pain? Can one get relief from that as well with the help of Tramadol? For that, we need to check details about Tramadol like Effectiveness of Tramadol, mode of action of Tramadol etc.

    Mode of Action of Tramadol:

    This is an opioid analgesic. This medicine will combine with the opioid receptors and will block them. As a result, the sensation of pain will not reach the receptors and the person will get relief from pain.

    This medicine is found to be effective in giving relief from pain due to injuries and surgeries. Tramadol effects the opioid receptors and the person will not feel the pain sensation.

    But will it be effective for Chronic pain?

    It has been found that if appropriate strength and dosage of Tramadol is used then it can be useful in the case of chronic pain. This type of pain usually persists for more than 2 to 3 months. Doctors do recommend this medicine in case of such pains as well. But the strength and dose that is administered to the patient has to be perfect.

    The dosage and strength of Tramadol for Chronic Pain:

    Tramadol is available in 50 mg and 100 mg strengths. The lower strength will be used for moderate pains and the higher strength will be used in the case of severe pain. The dosage will be decided based on the severity of the pain.

    While prescribing the Tramadol the doctor will take into consideration a number of things like the age of the patient, the severity of the pain etc. Only after taking into consideration all these factors the doctor will prescribe the medicine. If the patient wants to get relief from the pain then he must make sure that he follows the prescription of the doctor and does not miss out on a single dose.

    The medication must never be stopped abruptly as it can result in withdrawal effects. Check with the doctor before stopping the medicine. The doctor will tell exactly how to taper the dose gradually. An overdose of the medicine has to be avoided as it can prove to be fatal. Abuse of the substance also needs to be avoided.

    Beware of the side effects:

    One thing that you need to keep in mind is the side effects. There will be common to severe side effects like vomiting, nausea, muscle weakness, confusion etc. Just remember one thing that in case any side effects are observed then the same must be notified to the doctor.

    It is equally important to tell the doctor about any other medicines that the patient may be taking. This is because there is a possibility of drug interactions of Tramadol with other medicines. It is also important to tell the doctor about any allergies that the patient may be suffering.

    Have the doctor’s prescription? Then order for Tramadol online!

    Whether you are using Tramadol for chronic pain or any other pain you must only take it if the doctor prescribes it. Once you have the prescription you can order for the medicine from a reputed online pharmacy that sells only genuine medicines at competitive rates. You can make online payments or you may select the cash on delivery option. In the COD option, you have to make the payments in cash when the medicine is delivered to you.

    Tramadol is an analgesic which can give you relief from pains. But finally it is a medicine and hence there will be side effects and interactions. So it is always better to first check with your doctor and only when he prescribes the medicine you must take it.

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